This Woman Creates Something Phenomenal Out Of A Family Photo And Wood
What this creative woman does with a family photo and a block of wood is simply mesmerizing. And what an incredibly simple process too!

What a creative way to adorn your living space with wood grain memories. This video has us wondering how much this whole process would end up costing us if we were to actually go out and buy the supplies. 

The materials used can be found at any local craft store. So, we decided to investigate prices for these items on, a popular arts and crafts location and website to see just how much this cool little project would set us back.

- A piece of wood similar to the one used in the video can be found on their website under the product name, "Artminds® Basswood Rectangle Plaque." This product costs anywhere from $7.99 - $14.99, depending on the size you purchase

- A bottle of "Mod Podge® Matte" sells for $3.49 on their site 

- You can buy "Liquitex® String Gel Medium" on for $15.99

- A brush to apply the aforementioned products can be found for $2.99 at their stores or online

- Lastly, a printed-out photo of your choosing that you wish to immortalize amongst natural grains and knots is needed. Should you have a home printer, this shouldn't cost you a thing. If not,  you could head down to your local library or university and pay a handful of coins for some printed photos 

After this is all said and done, we are left with a grand total of...

Roughly $30.50. That's totally worth it! 

But what do you think? Is there an even cheaper, more efficient way to achieve the same result?
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