How They Cut This Watermelon Is Pure Genius. I'm Doing This From Now On

The way this skilled gentleman attacks a watermelon is nothing short of astounding. Our jaws were collectively on the floor when we saw the end result.

I can't wait to incorporate this useful life hack during my next BBQ. I remember one particular instance where a watermelon not only brought a party to a screeching halt, it almost gave my mom a heart attack.

Allow me to set the scene.

It was the 4th of July. My friends and family were over-enjoying the patriotic festivities and everything was going great. This was the first big gathering my fiancé and I had hosted. Both our families had already arrived and were having a ball when my future wife entered the kitchen with the last of the supplies from the grocery store.

"Hey, honey. Sorry I'm late. Are your folks here yet?"

"Yup. Yours are too. They seem to be having a blast. I think this may work out after all!" I said, beaming with pride.

I suppose you can blame what happened next on bravado, and possibly a few too many celebratory libations after weeks of stressing about this party. 

Wanting to keep the good vibes going, I thought a harmless prank would only add to the success of the party. As soon as I spotted that lone watermelon resting on the kitchen counter, inspiration struck.

I grabbed the watermelon and put it under my soon-to-be wife's sweatshirt, making her appear to be seconds away from birth. My mother hadn't seen her in months, so this was a totally believable scenario. 

Not even considering the consequences, I hurriedly rushed my newly plump soulmate into the living room where my mother and father sat enjoying a beverage. We walked over to them and before I could even set-up the prank, my poor mother's eyes locked in on the "baby bump" and she was overwhelmed with excitement.

"Are you?! Did you?! Oh my GOD!" She screamed, wide-eyed from the couch. 

This caught everyone's attention at the party. The music stopped. My mother continued her frantic, sporadic questioning and became more and more animated. As I was about to alleviate her stress and reveal the watermelon truth, she clutched her chest and claimed she was getting dizzy. I quickly got her some water as my dad fanned her with a nearby magazine.

Luckily, it wound up only being a momentary panic attack, but that taught me a very valuable lesson: Never joke about being pregnant with your mom. It could have lethal consequences.

All that nonsense aside, how did you feel about this useful life hack footage? Do you have an even better watermelon cutting technique or method? Please share your thoughts, feelings and opinions with us in the comment section. 

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