Man eats Chick-fil-A for 30 days, results are unexpected

Imagine eating the same food for an entire month. Does that sound appealing or awful? Many would say the latter, but hey, everyone is different.

Conor Swanberg, a writer and reporter for the Independent Journal, must have thought that eating the same thing for a month sounded good. Either that or he knew it would make for a good story. For 30 straight days, Swanberg willingly ate a Chick-fil-A meal every single day. 

"Why would he do such a thing?" you might be asking yourself, which is a valid question. "We’d already chronicled ‘What Happens to Your Body One Hour After You Eat Chick-fil-A.’ We wanted to go further,” he wrote in his article about the experience.

Chick-fil-A promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides a balanced menu. And while it seems to be a healthier alternative to other fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King, eating fries and other fried foods every day doesn't exactly scream “healthy.” 

But that didn't stop Swanberg, who was determined to find out how eating Chick-fil-A every day would affect his body.

All in all, Swanberg consumed 22,350 calories in Chick-fil-A meals, distributed among 72 orders of chicken nuggets, 22 orders of fries and much, much more. Given the average adult male should consume somewhere around 2,00 calories per day, Swanberg's month-long diet doesn't seem all that bad (on paper). But surely all that fried food can't be very beneficial. 

After all was said and done, Swanberg stepped on the scale. His starting weight was 189 pounds.

His resulting weight? 191 pounds.

Go figure.

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