Rainbow Cake Has Delightful Surprise Inside

Here at SFG, we've come across a number of delectable desserts that always leave us itching to get in the kitchen and try ourselves. The cake below is no exception. It comes courtesy of the Cheeky Crumbs, a YouTube channel run by an at-home baker named Irene who loves just about anything that's sweet. Her newest recipe - and perhaps her most intriguing one to date - is for a chocolate cake coated in rainbow frosting, with a little surprise inside. This is definitely something you'll want to make for your friends!

To build this marvelous creation, you'll need the following ingredients (exact amounts are clarified in the video):

~ any cake you like
~ knife or cake cutter
~ m&m's
~ chocolate ganache
~ food coloring
~ cake stand or dish
~ piping bag and tip
~ round cookie cutter
~ 500g butter
~ 1kg icing sugar

If you decide to try out this recipe, be sure to let us know how it goes. Does this cake have your sweet tooth aching? If you enjoyed the video, make sure to share it on Facebook!

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