Sick Child Gets Miracle Liver Transplant From Stranger

It was just a normal day waiting in line at the nail salon for Regent University law student Molly Bricker. In fact, according to her Facebook page, she was growing impatient with the wait and almost left on numerous occasions. She therefore credits divine intervention as the force that kept her there long enough to see Sage Baker, a sick little girl in dire need of a liver, on the TV news.

According to set up in her honor, now 5-year-old Sage had been diagnosed with leukemia at only 6 months and suffered liver failure as a result of her chemotherapy treatments. Not only did she need a liver transplant, but reports that none of her family members were matches because her blood type had changed as a result of a stem cell transplant.

Enter Molly. Despite the fact that she'd never met Sage before, she knew deep in her heart that it was God's will for her to help. Therefore, she turned down a paid legal internship, leaning heavily on her faith and agreeing to donate a portion of her liver to Sage.

Mommy and Sage with Molly before her discharge from the hospital :)

Posted by A Liver For Sage on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ms. Bricker and Ms. Backer recently underwent surgery at Georgetown University Hospital, where a portion of Molly's liver was implanted in Sage. While Sage's family is temporarily relocated to be near the hospital and ensure her recovery goes smoothly, both young women appear to be healing well following the procedure.

A lot of people called Molly crazy for voluntarily donating her liver to a stranger. However, she never wavered and her faith in God's plan wound up saving a little girl's life.

We can't thank Molly Bricker enough for saving Sage's life. We all know she didn't have much time left without the...

Posted by A Liver For Sage on Monday, June 8, 2015
Sage's family calls Molly "a miracle" and thank her for giving their precious daughter "a second chance at life." Here at SF Globe, we're blown away by this story and feel thankful that guardian angels like Molly Bricker exist.

To read more about Sage's recovery and learn how to help her family, .

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