Woman Defends Her Boyfriend Against Internet Bullies

It's believed that youth is often synonymous with shallow. Teens and young adults often seem to gravitate towards the people things that appeal to their eyes rather than the longer-lasting qualities that appeal to the heart. This is one couple who is breaking that stereotype. 

Ashley is a vibrant young woman whose joy in life was compounded when she met her boyfriend, Chris. In the two years they have been together, they have only grown more certain of their happiness together. 

Our first date, to last year, to this year. :)

Posted by Ashley Stevens on Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ashley recently told People magazine that being with Chris makes her feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

The two love to laugh, and are never hesitant to take a funny picture. 

So when Ashley caught the bouquet at her cousin's wedding, they thought it was a great photo opportunity. 

Below, an overjoyed Ashley smiles into the camera while Chris has an expression of fear and worry. Behind him, sits Ashley's dad, giving Chris the daddy-death stare. 

To their surprise, the fun photo-op quickly went viral, but for all the wrong reasons. Strangers on the site Reddit commented that the two were obviously mismatched, using language we won't repeat here. Some even wondered if perhaps she was once overweight, and only recently lost it. It was unfathomable that the two could genuinely love each other for who they were, and not what they looked like. 

When word of the reaction got back to Ashley and Chris, the two simply laughed at how shallow people could be, and how quick to judge. Ashly decided to make this post in response. She couldn't have said it better. 

Ashley also went on to say that she forgives the people who made the hurtful comments, and the couple now jokingly wait for Taylor Swift to send them a matching pair of "Shake It Off' T-shirts. 

In the meantime, the couple have also stated that while it was exciting that Ashley caught the bouquet, they will be holding off on any wedding plans until after they graduate from college. 

Let us know what you think of this fabulous couple by commenting below. 

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