Man Builds A Fold-Up Bench Sandbox For His Nephew
Rionled saw a fun sandbox with fold-up benches for sale online that he thought would be perfect for his nephew. After looking at it, he decided he would try building it himself instead of buying it. He set his mind to it and the end product came out fantastic!

In order to build this awesome sandbox, he needed: "6x2, 4x2, decking timber (85mm x 19mm), screws - 75mm & 45mm, 8x hinges and 4x handles and some stain...drop saw, drill + spray gun for painting." It also helps to have a few extra hands around. He was able to find some help from his brother.

Here is his nephew trying out the finished sandbox! It certainly looks like he approves of his new toy.


Here it is before it was placed in its final spot and filled with sand.

Time to get started!

He started with just a box: "I used some 6x2 (140mm x 45mm) for the bottom framing. It was cut square with the sides running right through and 2 70mm screws in either end fixing it together. I got the measurement for the length of the base by measuring the thickness of my seating/lid material x12 + 15mm for gaps. The width was 2/3rds of the length."

Make sure you check your lengths or you could end up needing more wood!

For those interested in replicating the project, he provides some more insight into what went into this project that you might not see in the pictures: "Firstly you screw the back two pieces on each side (1 & 2)down to the framing. I left no gap between the two. Then I allowed a 3mm gap for the 3rd pice on each side. I lined the hinges and screwed them in from the top making sure they could go 180 degrees. To fix the next pieces (4th) I flipped it over and screwed som 2x4 the width of the 3rd and 4th pieces right through. I then added some extra screws from the top for strength. You need to make sure these are inside of your framing timber."

Time to get the benches on just right: "For the 5th piece I screwed the hinge from the underside making sure it can go more than 90 degrees. Once they were secured I lay the 6th panel on the top. I then cut some more 2x4 the width of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th pieces less 40mm. I lay these 10mm back from the front the front edge of the 6th piece flush along the side and secured the 5th and 6th pieces. Do not screw this into any other pieces. Once this is done I tested the seating and added some extra screws to the front of the 5th and 6th pieces."

Here he is with his nephew getting his approval!

The finished sandbox all closed up.

A sandbox feels like an essential part of your childhood. I certainly remember having one in our yard. Mine was shaped like a turtle and had a shell that you would put on top to protect it from the rain (and from animals who think it looks more like a litter box than a play place). I'm certain this little guy is not going to forget this awesome sandbox from his childhood. If he isn't already, I think that rionled might now be his nephew's favorite uncle.

Do you remember having a sandbox when you were little? We would love to hear what it was like!
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