Mom Chronicles The Sweet Slumber Of Her Children With The Family Pup

Jessica Shyba started a blog in 2009 as a means of keeping family members updated when she moved across the country with her husband. In the years since, their family has grown to include four kids, a cat and a puppy. On Momma's Gone City, Jessica muses about parenting, travel, and how to find time for husband and wife. Gaining national attention, her blog has regular readership and her Instagram account has over 500K followers. 

In 2013, Jessica Shyba, mother of three, started posting pictures of her youngest, Beau, with their new family dog. Rescued from a shelter, Theo was only 7 weeks old when he joined the Shyba family. 

Like many young pups, he didn't want to sleep alone, and curled up with Jessica at night. One day, as she rocked Beau to sleep, Theo curled up right along side. Since then, Theo has joined Beau for every nap. The sight was too precious not to capture.  

The two became an internet sensation. People loved seeing them grow up through pictures of their peaceful slumber. 

Jessica Shyba
The images gained so much popularity, Jessica published a book collecting some of the best photographs. Naptime With Theo and Beau is scheduled to be released on Feb 3. 

But that wasn't the biggest development. Jessica was pregnant, and a year after Theo joined the family, Evangeline was born. 

Theo was excited to have another member of the family to love. 

Little more than three months later, little Evvie started napping at the same time as Beau and Theo. 

Because all three sleep better when curled up together, Jessica lays Evvie down with her brother once she is asleep. And who could resist taking some beautiful pictures in the meantime?

Jessica is a very conscientious mother. She never leaves the room, and quietly works at her desk or reads while the three slumber.

To be sure, quiet must be a treasure in a house of 4 children and 1 puppy. These images are a wonderful way for Jessica to chronicle her growing family at some of their sweetest moments. 

Whatever was on your mind before, seeing the three of them curled up together forces you to stop and smile a moment. Their peacefulness is contagious, and we are more than happy to share it with you. 

Pure bliss. 

You can read more about Evvie, Beau and Theo in her blog post: Theo, Beau, and Evangenline: A Naptime Trifecta.

If you loved these photos as much as we did, please let us know in the comments below. 
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