Quaint House Really Brings The 1950s Back

A 96 year old from Toronto placed her house on the market for sale last year. Little did interested buyers know what was waiting for them on the inside. 

At first glance, as a passerby, you really wouldn't think much about the exterior of this house. 

It turns out this was the 96-year-old's home for over 70 years. The inside is extraordinary - a true 1950s time capsule. 

Let's start with the entrance way. From the choice of the wallpaper to the details of the mirror and arm chair, it's clear this house was decorated with love and care. 


Here's a peak of the living room. The pink really complements the other pastels used to color the room. What a warm welcome for guests! 

I love these retro armchairs. They look very comfortable to sit on. Imagine sipping on your afternoon tea here.

The kitchen is really something else! Don't forget the antique phone. What a gem!

This breakfast nook is definitely my favorite! Imagine family brunches or meals where everyone cozies up together.

What are your thoughts on this home? Are you sold on it? Comment below! 

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